DA Forms 2022 – Army Pubs DA Forms 2022 Printable

DA Forms Definition, Source, Example, and Completion Guide

The DA forms are the documents issued by the United States Department of the Army. From reporting about US Army soldiers’ physical capabilities and fitness to collecting the personal information of those who have received reassignment instructions, there are so many different purposes that these forms served. In general, the forms contain personal information of the soldier, such as the soldier’s name, rank, address, social security number, and others. Learn more about the documents below.

DA Forms 2022 - Army Pubs DA Forms 2022 Printable
DA Forms 2022 – Army Pubs DA Forms 2022 Printable[

What Are DA Forms?

As the name implies, the DA forms are issued by the United States Department of the Army (DA). This agency is one of the military departments under the United States Department of Defense. This federal government agency aims to organize the United States Army. The secretary of the Army commands the agency.

Defining the purpose of these forms is nearly impracticable because there are so many documents with different purposes each. For example, a US Army soldier should use a specific form that suits their intention related to their military life.

Where Can I Get Army DA Forms?

The digital versions of the Department of the Army forms are available to be accessed online through the official page of the Army Publishing Directory (APD). This source contains more than 1,817 records. Alternatively, you can also obtain departmental forms, including DA, DD, OF, and SF documents in printed copies via online order, as long as you’re an Army user who owns an account under Logistics Services Washington.

If you prefer to obtain the form or publication online but cannot find a certain document on the said source, you must check if it’s still available. APD allows you to look for a form or publication by inputting its name or number on its ‘Search’ box function.

What Are Some Examples of the DA Forms?

Some of the most commonly used DA forms are:

DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave)

The DA 31 form is used when an Army personnel intends to make a leaving request. It is a document that must be involved in several situations, such as if the soldier has a leaving emergency or would like to use their vacation leave.

DA Form 4856 (Developmental Counseling Form)

The DA 4856 is a document used to document counseling sessions between a military member and a counselor. The nature of this form is confidential, meaning it shouldn’t be disclosed to the public.

DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action)

The DA 4187 form is used when an Army member requests a personnel action. The primary purpose of this document is to establish various military processing that includes certain personnel action, such as exchange reassignment, airborne training, or ranger training.

DA Form 2062 (Hand Receipt/Annex Number)

The purpose of using the DA 2062 form is to track army property. Each possessed army property comes with this form. The commander of a particular army unit or the appointed receiver has to note down the possessed army property right after collecting this form.

DA Form 638 (Recommendation For Award)

The DA 638 Form is used when a service member wishes to recommend awards for another member upon their remarkable act or achievement. It is not allowed for a service member to recommend oneself due to unpermitted self-recognition by the Army.

How to Fill Out DA Forms?

Each of the DA forms has different completion steps. However, an Army member should do this before filling it out to verify that the form is an official document from the federal government agency. It has to have an official title to tell the purpose of the document and the name of the proponent organization. The document should also have the number and date on the left-bottom area and the version number on the right-bottom area.